the 5 benefits of weight training for women

Hey, you guys! Five reasons why women should lift.

Here are five great reasons why women should be lifting weights:

The First Reason:

you’re going to strengthen your bone, which is a critical one for women, especially as we get a little bit older.So weights can be your best defense against osteoporosis.You really want to think about keeping those bones strong.So any kind of resistance training is going to be really good.

The Second Reason:

we’re going to talk about is, we’re going to burn more calories.So by adding more muscle mass to your body, it’s going to boost your metabolism, and your body is going to be a much more efficient, fat burning machine.So you may notice the scale going up, but you have to remember: muscle is going to weight more than fat.So just remember that when you start seeing that scale go up.It means you’re getting stronger.

The Third Reason:

you’re going to be heart healthy.Lifting can actually lower your blood pressure.So the contracting muscles in your body, it’s going to be pushing blood back up, into the heart, and this is going to help keep your cardiovascular system really healthy, and in great working order.

The fourth Reason:

you’re going to get strong, not bulky.This is such a huge thing that women are always worried about.That they’re going to go to the gym, start lifting a couple of little weights, and they’re just going to bulk up, and not look the way they want.You really don’t need to worry about that because women don’t really have the testosterone levels that men do.So unless you’re specifically training to actually put a lot of size on, you’re not going to see that.You’re just going to be toning, and sculpting the body.What’s great about that is you can actually sculpt, and tone, and maybe add some curves to your body where you maybe don’t have them.So that’s good.

The Fifth Reason:

you’re going to be happier, and less stressed.Resistance training can actually help you beat the blues.So even if you work out, even three times a week, this actually helps reduce depression.So it has the power of releasing those good old endorphins that make everybody feel great. So these are just five quick reasons why women should be lifting.I hope these were helpful for you.I know I have been lifting weights, pretty much since I was in high school, and I think it’s great for the body.Especially like I mentioned earlier.As we get older it’s so good for your bones.There are so many advantages to doing it.

Don’t be afraid of it.So pick up those weights, have fun with it, and I hope you guys follow us on a comment, hit the like button, subscribe, and make sure you follow us on Facebook.See you, guys.


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