The Six Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight: 6 Tips To Improve Eating Habits For Quick Results

The polls have closed when it comes to debating the quickest way to lose weight.  While exercise is important to promote cardiovascular health, improve mood, provide motivation for a healthier lifestyle and tone the body, experts are in agreement that when it comes to results reducing caloric intake is the fastest way to lose weight.  In fact, research has shown that people who attempt to lose weight through exercise alone without also reducing the number of calories eaten in a day, “…shed only 2 to 3 percent of their weight over 6 to 12 months.”   The reason?  It’s simple.  The amount of time and effort that it takes the body to burn calories are much greater than the amount of time and effort it takes to consume the calories in the first place.  Denying oneself a handful of crackers or swapping out a sugar and fad-laden coffer drink for plain black coffee or tea, for example, can take the place of a high-intensity hour on a machine at the gym.  With that in mind, those who are eager to lose more than 3 percent of total body weight or who are looking to achieve results in a quicker time frame than 6 months should focus on the fastest way to lose weight:  cutting calories.  Below are 10 tips to get anyone started down the path to calorie reduction.

1.  Fill up on water before meals.  People looking for the fastest way to lose weight should pay attention to the amount of water consumed to aid in digestion and prevent bloating and constipation.  An added focus, however, should be placed on drinking two glasses of water before each meal in order to help the stomach feel full and reduce the amount eaten at each meal.

2.  Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables.  Rather than trying to restrict the amount of carbohydrates consumed dieters should focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to the menu each day.  These foods will provide both hefty doses of nutrients and micronutrients as well as fiber.  Consuming enough fiber leaves the stomach feeling full, making it less likely that a person will binge on low-nutrient high-carbohydrate foods.

3.  Swap out calorie-heavy drinks for water.  For some people, this is one of the most difficult changes to make, but as those who have tried it will attest, the results are well worth it.  Nixing soda, juice and sweetened coffee drinks and quenching thirst exclusively with water instead is a fool-proof way to cut calories.  Many people looking for the fastest way to lose weight have found quick success by making this switch alone.

4.  Switch out salty snacks for hydrating ones.  Reaching for pretzels, chips or crackers to quell hunger adds up not only to additional calories, but also to water retention, which causes bloating.  To help the waistline look slimmer while making a lower-calorie food choice at the same time, choose to indulge in hydrating snacks such as carrot, celery or cucumber sticks dipped in hummus, guacamole or salsa.

5.  Eat slowly.  Set aside at least fifteen minutes to eat each meal.  Since it takes time for the brain to receive the signal from the stomach the it is full, eating too quickly can lead to overeating that could easily have been avoided.  After the meal is over, wait until that fifteen minutes is officially up before considering a second helping.  Doing so can help reduce the amount of calories consumed, which is the fastest way to lose weight.  

6.  Nix mealtime distractions.  Distracted eating may not be as dangerous as distracted driving, but it carries consequences nonetheless.  Scrolling through a social media feed or binge-watching the latest episode of a favorite show may be tempting ways to double-dip in down time, but doing so increases the risks of consuming more food than intended.  Instead of multitasking, spend time paying attention to all of the sensations that come with eating a meal:  the crunch of fresh veggies, the smell of buttery potatoes, the refreshing coolness of a cucumber.  Doing so will make it less likely that one meal will turn into three, since, after all, everyone has things to get done.  An added bonus?  Focusing on eating can make one more conscious of food choices and even add extra pleasure to one’s day.

By implementing the suggestions above as well as taking other steps to reduce caloric intake, nearly anyone can be on the path to the fastest way to lose wight.