Foods That Help To Get A Bigger Penile?

Can Certain Foods Help Me To Get A Bigger Penile?

Whilst no particular food can help you to get a bigger penile, your dietary choices can impact on how successful a penile enlargement technique is.

For instance, many methods including penile extenders rely on increasing blood flow to your penile. However should you follow a diet that is rich in fatty foods, then this will affect your erection, as, like your heart, your arteries will become clogged and blocked.

How can I ensure a healthier erection?

We often forget that our penises need a healthy blood supply, thinking they are separate from the rest of our body. However, as we proved above a poor diet can affect more than your heart and weight, but also your erection.

Now if you are genuinely interested in enlarging your penile, there are things you can do to improve your chances of adding inches to your penile.

Simply make the following dietary changes:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Opt for lean meats such as fish and chicken, and limit your red meat consumption
  • Choose whole wheat grains and oats
  • Stay away from foods containing processed sugars, white flour products, and fast food.
  • Introduce multivitamins and minerals into your diet. NOTE: be careful to not have too much iron, but instead focus on increasing your natural zinc levels.
  • Quit smoking. NOTE: smoking shrinks your arteries and capillaries whilst at the same time reducing your blood oxygen supply.

What else can I do?

As we mentioned above, your diet alone cannot help you to improve the appearance of your penile. You also need to ensure that you are using a quality penile enlargement technique.

Now you’ll soon discover that there are loads to choose from – penile extenders, penile pumps, penile exercises and even penile enlargement surgery – but even these come with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Penie extenders – similar to the technique used in orthopedic surgery, penile extenders apply traction to the corpora cavernosa in your penile causing cells to break away and replicate.As these new cells accumulate in your penile, they enable your penile to hold more blood; produce harder, more powerful erections; reduce premature ejaculation and penile curvatures, and most importantly can increase your penile size by inches.Pros: clinical studies have proven that penile extenders can add inches to your penile. In one study, after wearing a penile extender for 4-8 hours a day over 6 months, participants experienced average gains of 2.8cm (erect) and 1.9cm (flaccid) which remained months after they stopped using the device.Cons: not all penile extenders are supported by clinical studies or are made from the right materials. To ensure you are getting the best product, make sure: they are made from Medical Type 1 materials; have got at least a 6-month money back guarantee and are supported by independent clinical studies.
  • Penile pumps – creating a vacuum around your penile, penile pumps cause more blood to be drawn into your penile helping to temporarily improve your length and girth.Pros: can create an instant hard erection and in some instances has been found to improve your size by up to an inch.Cons: excessive use can damage the blood vessels in your penile, as the results are only temporary.
  • Penile exercises – consisting of kegel and jelqing, both are designed to stretch and strengthen your penile. By performing a repetitive milking motion on your penile, this encourages increased blood flow, helping to engorge your penile.Pros: some exercises, encourage you to stretch your penile causing the part of your penile that is retained in your body to slowly extend outwards, thus helping you to look bigger.Cons: generally the results of these exercises are only temporary, and mainly help to reduce premature ejaculation, and improve erection strength and stamina.
  • Penile enlargement surgery – the most costly and risky of this bunch, there are various penile enlargement surgeries you can choose from which can add inches to your penile i.e. cutting the suspensory ligament, inserting inflatable tubes or attaching a skin graft.Pros: this type of surgery can offer you more guaranteed gains as well as the ability to control how much bigger your penile becomes.Cons: there is an element of risk i.e. deformity, scarring associated with each of these procedures:
    – cutting the suspensory ligament: whilst adding an inch to the appearance of your penis, cutting this ligament prevents your penis from pointing up when erect.
    – inflatable tubes are more suitable for helping your erection. Just be careful to not over pump as this may damage your testicles (the pump is inserted into your testicles, enabling you to pump up the tubes in your penis).
    – skin grafts: if they take, skin grafts can add inches to your penis, however, they have a high risk of losing blood flow causing the skin to die, leaving your penis looking scarred and deformed.