Testogen Test & Experience – The Most Effective Testo-Booster In 2019

A few months ago, I tried the well-known Testosterone Booster Testogen and was very happy with the effect – my strength increased, my KFA (body fat) dropped and on the side came the desired boost for self-esteem, ego and libido. For me, testosterone means feeling just male and comfortable in your body.

It has been some time now and the manufacturer has now updated and allegedly improved Testogen’s formula, which led me to this test. Can the drug really increase your testosterone levels? Or has the formula lost its effect through the update?

Based on my experiences and reviews of other users, I can now find out with you what Testogen can do!

What is testosterone and what does a Testo-booster bring me?

A testosterone booster is a dietary supplement that should be able to raise your testosterone levels to make you feel masculine and, at best, have more power and increased potency.

Testogen is exactly that and you can order it right here in the official shop of the manufacturer.

But now for a brief explanation of what testosterone actually is and why it plays such an important role for men:

Testosterone is a hormone, a biochemical messenger of your body. Men produce it in the testicles, women in the ovaries. Both sexes also produce a small part in the adrenals. Some people consider testosterone to be “split-two” because it has two distinct characteristics:

It turns a man into a man: testosterone stimulates the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of the male body.
It brings you strong muscle and bone: Testosterone is one of the three major muscle building hormones and also plays a vital role in the formation of strong bones.
Normally, your brain controls how much testosterone is produced and released. Most of the testosterone circulates in your bloodstream. Of course, it needs a kind of drive, so that the testosterone is ready for use quickly. This task is done by a special protein. However, with age, testosterone production gets worse and worse.

Do you know what a low testosterone level can do to you?

Your muscles and strength are dwindling
Your body fat percentage increases – especially on the stomach makes this noticeable
You usually lack the drive and you feel exhausted and stressed faster
Sex? You do not feel like it anymore
Your best piece leaves you now and then in the lurch
Do you know what i mean? – I hope not. I suspected a few years ago that I myself suffer from too little testosterone because I was mentally and physically no longer really resilient.

I made a simple test and found out that I was well below the average testosterone level for my age group and got a recommendation for a specialist who then prescribed me testosterone gel. The stuff did not work for me.

But I did not want to be content with that and started looking for different testosterone boosters and spent hours comparing and trying different remedies.

One of the better tools I tested was Testogen, back then with the old ingredients that I ordered here in the manufacturer’s shop.
And I have actually achieved serious success:

  • I’ve been able to increase my strength and endurance while doing sports.
  • I’ve been able to reduce my body fat and increase my libido.
  • And best of all, I felt male, attractive, strong, authoritarian again … as if I was a completely new person.
  • If you have not experienced that yet, you can not understand the consequences of such
  • a testosterone push, just great! But how does such an effect actually come about and
  • how is Testogen composed?

How do testosterone boosters work?

Testosterone boosters contain essential nutrients that help your body produce testosterone and LH (luteinizing hormone). Most testosterone boosters work by directly increasing testosterone or related hormones, but some also prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen.

The ingredients of testosterone boosters are well-researched and have been shown to increase testosterone levels. These are mainly: maca extract, tribulus terrestris, l-arginine, ashwagandha, pine nut extract, ginseng and pepper extract.

The 5 most important tasks of any testosterone booster

1. Less female hormones, more masculinity:

The fall of the estrogen level gives the body a signal that there is a hormone deficiency.

The good thing is that he does not differentiate between testosterone and estrogens in this regard, which causes the body to produce more testosterone if your estrogen levels are too low.

2. Turn male into a female? Watch out:

The male body recovers most of its estrogens from the conversion of our valuable testosterone. We call this process aromatase, and this is where many boosters work by inhibiting this process.

3. DHT inhibit = more testosterone

DHT. Already heard? Dihydrotestosterone or simply DHT, especially in older men like to ensure that the hair fails and/or an enlarged prostate arises – we do not want that of course!

In addition, DHT is also derived from testosterone and we remember: that’s exactly what we want to protect against the conversion. So what do some boosters do? They inhibit the process of 5-alpha reductase and thus the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Result: More testosterone stays in the blood.

4. SHGB – wants to test you as well

Sex hormone-binding globulin is another substance that floats in the blood, binds to testosterone and practically eliminates it. It has a direct effect on our testosterone and makes it ineffective – this should be prevented.

Here, too, certain ingredients are used which weaken SHGB in its effect and thus provide the body with more testosterone.

5. Offer the right incentive

There are certain substances that are released in the brain and then tell the body: Produce more testosterone!

Then there are agents that make the brain emit more of these substances. This is where many ingredients in a booster like testogen come in.

For whom is Testogen suitable?
For every adult man I would say. Ok, we can specify that a bit more:

  • You want a higher testosterone level?
  • You want more strength, endurance and muscle building?
  • You want to feel more masculine and self-confident?
  • You have nothing against a better potency?
  • You wish for your younger self back?
    If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, Testogen is definitely for you!

Who should not take Testogen?

As I said, anyone can benefit from taking a testosterone booster like Testogen, but there are people I would rather advise against taking. Only by taking Testogen you will not change anything if you spend every day on the couch eating fast food.

Go to the gym and get your proteins after a workout – cook and eat clean and healthy. You should also stop taking it directly if you can not take 4 capsules per day.

Sounds ridiculous? You do not believe how many fail at this point because they are not used to taking regular pills.

Last but not least, you should be ready to invest a few euros more. Testogen is a premium product, which you will undoubtedly recognize in the high-quality and high-dose ingredients.

Sure, there are cheaper boosters, but they’re a waste of money and just a remedy for too expensive urine. It does not help if not the right substances are included and not if those ingredients are then even ridiculously dosed.

The ingredients of Testogen

If you look at the ingredients of Testogen, it quickly becomes clear that the product has become even more effective with the new formula.

Some ingredients were added and in others the concentration was significantly increased. Here is my impression and some information on effect, studies and Co. for each ingredient of Testogen:

Is a vital mineral that plays a special role in testosterone production. One study showed that athletes who took high magnesium supplements daily could increase testosterone levels. In addition, magnesium keeps you relaxed and provides general relaxation. This is particularly beneficial for sleep, which can disturb the hormone balance in case of irregularities.

Vitamin B6
Is involved in several functions in the human body and thus an important factor when it comes to general health. In addition, studies show that vitamin B6 deficiency leads to lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels.

Zinc is a true all-rounder and involved in many processes in the body. In addition, zinc has long been known as a natural testosterone booster. Because it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, also known as aromatase. In addition, zinc has aphrodisiac properties and plays a crucial role in sperm production and protein metabolism.

Vitamin D
Also called sun-hormone, it only occurs when you are in the sun. A sufficient intake with the normal food is hardly possible. Since studies clearly show that men with higher vitamin D levels have more testosterone, vitamin D is a must. In addition, vitamin D in combination with magnesium, boron and vitamin K is even more effective. All these ingredients are included in the testogen.

Vitamin K
In addition to vitamin D, the beneficial effect on bone health is enormously important.

D-aspartic acid
Is an amino acid that promotes so-called luteinizing hormone (LH for short). LH, in turn, is directly related to testosterone production. More LH means more testosterone in most cases.

nettle extract
Is nothing but concentrated nettle. Recent evidence suggests that nettle extract binds SHGB. It is known that SHGB binds testosterone. Due to the SHGB binding of nettle extract, there is more free testosterone in the bloodstream.

Red ginseng extract
Was valued for centuries as an aphrodisiac root. It should stimulate the libido, improve the mood and be helpful in potency problems.

To improve libido and increase strength, stamina and strength. Fenugreek is also an antioxidant and thus supports the immune system.

Is an unlikely underestimated trace element that has long been out of public awareness. Studies suggest that regular intake of boron can significantly increase testosterone levels.

Is a substance of black pepper. It is included in the Testogen Booster to increase the bioavailability of all other ingredients.

Result: Your testosterone level gets a decent boost.

Does Testogen really work?

Order Testogen That’s the question you could ask now. And rightly so, because many testosterone boosters are simply too weak or poorly composed.

But let’s take a look at the facts about Testogen:

Many ingredients are already highly effective and can increase testosterone levels.

The fact is that Testogen does not have to hide the dosage – on the contrary: Many ingredients in the 4 capsules, which you should take daily, have higher doses than other common boosters.

A look at the ingredients and my explanations on the functioning of testosterone boosters will show you:

Testogen cure: Everything about my intake and dosage

As an experienced athlete and friend of nutritional supplements, I know:

If there is a major change in body composition – more muscle, less fat – it will take a while for you to feel the full effect of Testogen.

The practice of bodybuilders administering exogenous testosterone should be a lesson to us: A testosterone regimen is scheduled for at least 12, preferably 20 weeks.


Because it can take a while for all effects of testosterone to be effective. Conveniently, the manufacturer offers a package deal for 20 weeks, with 2 of the 5 cans being free – so I saved about 150 €.

My test schedule looked like this: 20 weeks duration, 4 capsules a day – of course in conjunction with sports and a balanced diet.

Does Testogen also have side effects?

One thing should be clear: Testogen is not an anabolic steroid and can not be compared to these medicines.

Take Testogen to boost your body’s own production of testosterone. This process and ingredients are 100% natural, so side effects should not be a problem.

At least during my Testogen intake, I have had very positive experiences and no unwanted side effects. For more information on side effects and answers to other open questions, visit the manufacturer’s website.

My test conclusion to Testogen

Testogen TestI tested Testogen for almost three months now and I can absolutely recommend this booster.

Despite the enormously low price in the 5-pack and the high-quality ingredients, I am also more than satisfied with the effect.

I have a better mood and somehow the feeling of being able to control my strength better (+ more strength during training).

Besides, my surroundings tell me that I look slimmer. However, according to Libra, I only lost a minimal amount. But that can also be because I have trained extremely hard in the last 90 days. Because muscle mass is known to be heavier than fat.

The fact that I give so much gas during the training is probably due to Testogen. I feel much more motivated and consistently go into training. In the past, the opposite was the rule.

There’s definitely something in the muscle mass. Before taking Testogen I stagnated on a plateau. Over the past 90 days, I’ve been able to overcome the plateau and increase my strength and endurance. In bench press e.g. I stagnated for a long time at 4 x 90 kg and was able to increase to 4 x 110 kg.

I could not only improve my bench press, but in every exercise and looked clearly muscular in front of the mirror. My libido has also increased slightly.