The Best Dumbbell Exercises To Grow Your Biceps In A Short Time

The main advantage of using dumbbells is that most of the exercises allow us to perform the full range of motion. Just think about dumbbell curl and barbell curl. If you do it with a barbell, you cannot do a full motion because of your legs.

We can also handle heavier weights in case we want to improve the strength of the arms or want to grow the muscle mass.

Finally, I think bicep dumbbell exercises are better because they need more control. Hence, several other muscles are activated in order to keep the stability of the body and to perform the move accurately. It is especially true for the shoulders and core muscles.

I do not say that barbell exercises or ones with cable are ineffective; I just want to point out that dumbbell ones are maybe more efficient.

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the best and most popular bicep exercises with dumbbells are:

  1. Regular biceps curl:It is the one that everybody knows, and it is essential for arm workouts. However, there are several variations that work the muscles from a different angle and the different parts of it.

    The most common one is the simple standing biceps curl when you lower the dumbbells next to you, and your palms are opposite to each other. You can make variations such as lifting the weights at the same time, or alternating them or you can even lift only one for the reps you want then you go to the other arm.biceps-curl

  2. Seated concentration curls:This bicep dumbbell workout is pretty good to make your biceps bulky. It is very important to avoid using your body to pull the weight up, do the motion slowly and precisely. There is no need to use large weights, use one that is comfortable to use but provides enough resistance. seated-concentration-curls
  3. Preacher bench curls: 

    This one is typically done by doing barbell or with machines, but I still vote on dumbbells. In order to get the results, you want from this exercise never utilize your upper body to lift the weight. Concentrate on the muscles, do the motion slowly and hold the weight for a sec before lifting it up. You can use one or two dumbbells, but I prefer one. It is excellent for working the lower section of the biceps. preacher-curl-biceps

  4. Dumbbell hammer curl: 

    It is very similar to the simple curl, but your palms face to each other during the whole motion. This exercise is beneficial to strengthen your forearm as well. You should include it in your arm routine. Hammer-Curl

  5. Supine biceps curls: 

    It is another dumbbell bicep workout to train your arms from a different angle. For it, you will need to lay on the bench. supine-cable-biceps-curl