The 20 Most Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is considered to be particularly unhealthy because it can increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels and negatively affect blood lipid levels. You can not lose targeted belly fat, but with a few rules and ways of life, you can at least counteract it and live healthier lives.

Here Are The 20 Ways To Lose Belly Fat For Real

1. Have breakfast
Many people like to miss the morning meal. The breakfast is very important for the body. Start your day with a cup of coffee or green tea, yogurt with cereals and fresh fruit or whole-grain bread, The varied combination of protein muesli, porridge, seeds and protein bread provides high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and many valuable fibers.

2. Eat less fat
To deal with the belly fat, you should pay attention to your fat intake. Eat stewed vegetables or cooked instead of fried foods. Fast food should also be taboo, because that is often the trigger for an increased BMI or overweight. Look for high-quality oils such as olive, canola or linseed oil and prepare your food primarily with these variants.

3. Not all fats are bad
There are also healthy fats that can be obese without conscience – of course, in moderation – feed. The fatty acids in, for example, avocados, walnuts or olive oil are of particular nutritional value and contribute to a long-lasting satiety. Annoying cravings can be avoided – and the fat cells are dealt with.

4. Sugar is unhealthy
Even products with a particularly high sugar content should be avoided if the stomach circumference is too large, because the sugar from candy & Co. gets into the blood very quickly. The result: the blood sugar level rises. To compensate for this, the body produces insulin, because the hormone lowers blood sugar. However, high insulin levels in the blood cause the body to store a lot of fat.

5. Avoid too much alcohol
Alcohol contains hidden calories. Drink therefore cocktails, beer, sparkling wine and wine only in moderation or renounce completely on it. According to a Europe-wide study, women also get a beer belly faster than men – and so become the apple type.

6. Sleep well
It is not without reason that people always preach how important sleep is for our health. So try to sleep well. Recommended are between seven and nine hours. It is also advisable to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time in the morning. Sometimes power napping can help, because those who are tired, like to use sugar and fat-rich products.

7. Move
Exercise and sports are the nuts and bolts, if you want to do something for stomach fat. Arrange with friends instead of drinking coffee but rather for endurance training such as walking, jogging or swimming and plan regular abdominal exercises in your sports program. Motivating each other can help to exercise and exercise regularly.

8. Forget About Coke and lemonade 
An important tip of many nutritionists is: “calories you do not drink”. Do not use fruit juices and soft drinks, because they contain a lot of sugar and make a decent amount of calories. This way, the daily calorie requirement is reached faster than you think. Better to eat calories in the form of healthy foods and drink water or unsweetened herbal teas to pay attention to your body’s fat distribution.

9. Drink a Lot Of Water
You can and should drink plenty of water and unsweetened herbal teas without a guilty conscience. Try – if medically does not speak against it – to drink 1.5-2 liters per day of it. If you want to try it entirely without food, you can also fast to detoxify or lose weight.

10. Avoid light bread
White bread contains mainly easily digestible sugars and less fiber than dark wholemeal bread. Fiber is important and good for our body. They cause the blood sugar level to rise only slowly – so we are full for longer. Instead of eating Nutella toast with butter, you should prefer to eat whole wheat bread with cream cheese and lean turkey breast.

11. Document your meals
Sometimes it can help to keep a sort of food diary. Write down exactly what you eat throughout the day. This way, calorie bombs and nasty sugar traps can be detected better. Even unconscious snooping at work or in the evening in front of the television becomes clearer.

12. Longer sleep reduces bacon rolls
During sleep, the body burns a lot of fat. This means that who sleeps much, decreases more. Seven to nine hours per night are considered ideal.

13. big break between supper and night’s sleep
Try not to take the last meal of the day just before going to bed. The longer you stay awake after eating, the more fat reserves your body will attack during the night. If you grow up with a rumbling stomach, the gap between supper and bedtime is guaranteed to be big enough.

14. Miracle drug Vitamin C against lifebuoys
Vitamin C is an ingenious fat killer. It not only stimulates your metabolism, but also facilitates the absorption of iron in the blood. This, in turn, is important for oxygen transport because your body needs plenty of oxygen to lose fat.

As a study from the University of Arizona revealed, vitamin C can increase fat burning by up to 33 percent. There are two more reasons for this. For example, the body needs the growth hormone HGH for fat burning at night, but this can only be formed if the vitamin is sufficiently supplied. The hormone norepinephrine, which is produced in the adrenal gland and supports fat loss, also requires vitamin C.

15. Minerals and trace elements combat pancetta
Not only vitamins, but also vital substances such as calcium, magnesium, chromium and manganese are important for stimulating the metabolism and thus for fat loss. Make sure you have a healthy, well-balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. Tomatoes, for example, contain a lot of chromium and that’s what your body needs to break down sugar. How about a tomato salad tonight?

16. Lead log helps with weight loss
Who controls his eating and drinking behavior, avoids excessive calorie intake. Regularly maintaining a nutritional record is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods. Note down your daily meals and you will notice how your head prevents your belly from unnecessarily large portions.

17. Regular meals prevent cravings
Similar eating times also promote fat loss. The reason for this is that by regular meals strong blood sugar fluctuations are avoided and as a result, especially for the belly fat dangerous food cravings fail.

18. Sufficient breakfast helps to lose weight
The day should start with a healthy breakfast. Ideal are long-filling, but healthy foods such as cottage cheese with fruit or wholegrain cereal. Those who leave the house hungry in the morning risk losing weight at the bakery at the next corner and getting too fatty a particle.

19. Every day a quarter of an hour against hip gold
It is said that 15 minutes of physical activity per day helps the abdominal fat to endure. You do not have to lace your sports shoes or run to the gym. Suffice it to take the stairs more often than the elevator and to distribute exhausting household or garden work more evenly. Cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, vacuuming, wiping the floor are all wonderful fat killers. It is clean and tidy afterward.

20. Bike instead of driving a car
Bicycling is just as good for your metabolism as jogging or swimming and also saves a lot on fuel costs. With a nice bicycle basket or cool saddlebags, even the purchase of the bike is fun.