20 Tips To Build The Perfect Physique

Rather your goal is to build muscle, burn fat and get ripped, spice up your workouts, or eat to get lean – apply these tips and you will get results.

1-Train Intense:

Dorian Yates build the perfect physiqueDorian Yates build the perfect physique

intensity get results. There are one million and one workout schemes out there. They all work if you train with enough intensity. Intensity is the common denominator for all workouts. All workouts claim to be the best. The one thing every good workout has in common is INTENSITY.Go hard or go home.

2-Full-Body Workouts:

full body workouts to build the perfect physique

Stimulate more muscle fibers to release growth hormone. Benefits of full-body workouts include Balanced, symmetrical, and proportionate muscle development, overall jacked-ness, tight sleeves and increased attention from females.

3-Train to Muscle Failure:

Training to a point of momentary muscle failure, at which completion of another repetition on any given set is impossible despite your greatest effort, is the only way to force the body to resort to its biochemical resources sufficiently to stimulate real growth! One of the biggest mistakes I see being made in the gym is when certain individuals will end a set of an exercise just because an arbitrary number of repetitions has been completed. This will do very little to stimulate muscle growth.

A set should be terminated only when your muscles have been forced to the point of it being inconceivable to produce 1 more repetition within a working set. I use the word forced because obviously, you know muscle growth doesn’t come easy and literally needs to be forced! Any degree of effort in a set that is less than 100% may yield a bodybuilder some results, but never to the same extent that all out maximum effort will.

4-Range of Motion:

A muscle has 3 levels of strength: positive (raising the weight), static (holding the weight), and negative (lowering the weight). All 3 of these aspects of any exercise must be focused on in order to stimulate maximum muscle growth. In other words, don’t throw weight through a range of motion just to get the weight from point A to point B. If you throw, you won’t grow!

5-Shorter Intense Workouts:

You can train long, or you can train intensely, but you can’t do both. For every set completed, more, and more of the body’s limited reserve of biochemical resources are used up in an attempt to merely recover from, or compensate for the exhaustive effects of the workout, leaving that much less left over for over-compensation in the form of more muscle mass. Long, drawn out training sessions decrease growth hormone, and testosterone levels, while increasing cortisol levels.

This hormonal shift creates a very catabolic environment in the body that will result in muscle loss and a reduced basal metabolic rate. If it’s taking you several hours to get a workout then you’re wasting your time. I suggest never allowing any lifting session to exceed 45 minutes in duration.

6-Dynamic Progression is Key to Continuous Gains:

You need to increase intensity by increasing at least one variable of your workout: Weight, sets, reps, time under tension, reduced rest periods.You need to do something more each workout to grow. If you bench press the same weight the same amount of times each workout you will not improve.You need to add an extra rep or more weight. Or slower tempo to increase time under tension, and intensity otherwise you will not get results.

7-Keep It Simple, Stupid:

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Body weight training and compound movements with barbells and dumbbells should make up 80% of your routine. 100% of your routine if you’re a beginner. Simple workouts attacked with ferocious intensity trump any other program.

8-Train Heavy:

lift heavy to build the perfect physique

Train heavy to build muscle. This is necessary for beginners. Heavy training ensures intensity, and intensity ensures growth. Heavy training recruits maximum muscle fibers and elicits growth hormone production.

9-Quality Over Quantity:

Focus on quality over quantity. 10 quality reps are worth more than 1000 sloppy reps. Slow, controlled curls held at maximum contraction vs. swinging his arms one after the other swaying his body like Gumby.Quality Reps build quality muscle. Bad reps waste time at best. At worst, poor reps set you back with injury and discouragement.

10-Chase the Pump:

The pump is when your muscles fill with blood. The muscles grow large and you feel the skin around them gets tight. The pump means your muscles are being pushed to their limit. Good. Push your limits to expand your limits. The pump indicates that you’re getting stronger.

11-Take a Rest Day:

rest day to build the perfect physique

Deloading Phase or Recovery Day to let your bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles fully recover. Weeks of heavy training puts a tremendous demand on your body. A day of rest allows time to recover, re-energize and come back stronger.

12-Learn How to Cook:

If you can’t cook you can forget about getting lean and being healthy. If you can’t cook you by processed food or go out to eat. Both will make you fat.The alternative option is to by freshly prepared, prepped meals. There are many companies that do this. Google it.

13-Earn Your Carbs:

The Great Strength Sensi, Charles Palanquin, advises to earn your carbs. that means only eat carbs if you exert energy through physical activity. If you train hard and heavy, break a rolling sweat and your limbs shake after a workout. You have earned your carbs.

14-Eat Clean:

Eating clean means eating all natural, fresh, whole foods. Nothing fried, frozen, or processed.

15-Body Fat Percentage is More Important than Weight:

Forget the number on the scale. What matters is how you look in the mirror. And how you look in the mirror, either fat or lean, depends on your body fat percentage. Have 15% body fat you’re lean, 10% body fat you’re ripped.

16-Drink a LOT of Water:

drink water to build the perfect physique

Drink over a gallon of water a day. I drink over two gallons of fresh water every day. I take my Nalgene water bottle with me everywhere to ensure I’m hydrated at all times.

17-Try Intermittent Fasting to Lose Fat Fast:

If you’re 300 pounds and want to by 200 pounds. you need to eat like a 200-pound person, If your 90 pounds and want to be 185 pounds, then eat like an 185-pound person.

18-Get One Gram of Protein Per Pound of Body Weight:

Protein builds muscle. You need a lot of protein to build a lot of muscle. Supplement your protein intake with protein shakes.

19-Go Low-Carb or No-Carb to get ripped:

If you have body fat you want to get rid of fat. Your body burns fat when no carbs are available.

20-Consume your calories at the right time:

 You do not need to be a major in rocket science to understand this, it’s quite rudimental. Make sure that you consume more carbohydrates during your training days ( this is called carb cycling) and more specifically before and after your workout (it is considered that 80% of your daily carb intake should be before and after your workout) and fewer late at night.

Something that most calorie calculators do not inform you of is that you need to shuffle your calories – i.e. consume less calories during your resting days (while maintaining the same protein consumption) and more during your working days.

This is to ensure that you supply your muscles with the necessary energy to properly execute your workout and that you do not accumulate any extra body fat.

By abidine

hello, I am a personal fitness trainer and professional martial artist, I helped people over the world to get in shape, so they lost weight, built muscles and improved conditioning.